Happiness and Wellbeing

The Atlass Approach to Autism

Atlass promotes a wellbeing based approach, targeting happiness and reducing individual’s stress. Here is Mike McCreadie explaining the background of Atlass, Studio 3 and our approach to Charlene Tait from Scottish Autism…

Rating your Happiness?  What is Happiness?  Can it be targeted?

Atlass provides individualised support for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.  We have therefore developed a range of services which specifically acknowledges the management of stress and the development of coping skills as an essential part of the therapeutic process.  The Atlass Masterclass provides a holistic approach to support and intervention

Our Aims

We aim to provide individualised supports for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD’s). We do this by firstly assessing the needs of the individual within their system of support, whether that be within a family home, school, day care setting or supported living environment.

Having identified need and an understanding of the issues facing the individual, we then provide customised training courses for family and carers tailored to their needs, their coping styles, current level of knowledge and relative to their relationship to the individual.

In addition, we provide practical training for professionals and agencies who routinely interface with people on the autism spectrum.

Our Services

What we provide:

  • Training
  • Assessment
  • Intervention
  • Advice
  • Consultancy

Please look at our services pages to see what we offer in more detail.

Flourishing The PERMA model

The PERMA approach to wellbeing was developed by Professor Martin Seligman  his book Flourish represents an inspirational framework which he calls PERMA.

The five elements are useful to consider;

P = Positive Emotion: Experiencing positive emotions including happiness are essential for us to flourish.

E = Engagement: Engagement is not just focusing on actives but, we focus on activities and routines which help people achieve a sense of flow.

R = Relationships are an important feature. Positive relationships help us to combat loneliness which is a major area for all people. (dmagine.com)

M = Meaning: This is crucial for our lives. Thinking about truly existential questions such as ‘what gives me a sense of purpose?’ or ‘what is the point?’

A = Achievements and Accomplishments.

Goals that lead to achievements and accomplishments will always have an impact on wellbeing. Achievements can also inspire others – Mark Inglis

What is Wellbeing?

participants on an Atlass Workshop


We provide generic training in developing an understanding of autism spectrum disorders and challenging behaviour. We also deliver training which is more specific to groups or topic area.


Atlass provides a variety of support services in this area including..

  1. Assessment
  2. Diagnostic advice and support.


Intervention can take many forms, ranging from practical support for families, to developing and implementing practical non-aversive behaviour support plans for services.

Advice, Consultancy

We provide advice on developing effective educational supports for schools, places of further education and resource centres.  In addition, our practitioners can assist social care providers and have assisted local authorities in identifying the most appropriate services.