Greece welcomes the “Low Arousal” Approach and the “Atlass” Training Course

Greece welcomes the “Low Arousal” Approach and the “Atlass” Program

On the 1st of June “TACT HELLAS” (Training and Consultation Today in Hellas) and “Petagma” (Parent Organization for Supported Living of the Intellectually Disabled), organized a specialized workshop around stress and people with autism who live in supported living accommodation in the community.

For us, the newly founded “Low Arousal” Greek team this was our first opportunity to present the philosophy of STUDIO III, “Low arousal” and “Atlass” to care organisations as well as  new pathways to our understanding of autism, to a mixed audience of care professionals, parents, support staff and board members of non-profit organizations which specialize in support. Their participation in the workshop gives us hope that Greece is ready to embrace new ideas and methods around the care services for people with autism and leave behind an era of institutionalization and aversive methods.

We believe that such workshops will introduce the philosophy of STUDIO III to the Greek care service and establish staff training in “Low Arousal” approach as the way forward towards a more humane and non-aversive method of dealing with difficult and challenging behaviors.

We would like to thank Linda Woodcock our key note speaker,  for sharing with us both her professional knowledge around autism and her experience as a parent of a young man with ASD and challenging behaviors.  All of our thanks to Dr. Andy McDonnell, Dr. Michael McCreadie, Denise McDonnell and all the Studio III staff for supporting our learning experience.

Thank you all for your support, the Studio III Greek team:

Penny Papanikolopoulos PhD,   Giannis Zindros MSc and  Spyros Deres BSc