Autism Support Services

Our support services provide specialised advice from leading psychologists in the field. The Atlass team help people to design positive behaviour support plans and provide practical advice to staff and families. To this end, Atlass provides a variety of support services. These include:

  1. Assessment
  2. Diagnostic advice and support.

We provide assistance in the diagnostic process where there is ambiguity over diagnostic criteria. Our psychologists have been contracted to assist colleagues in health and local authorities where there has been confusion over diagnosis and where there is consideration of other possible co-morbid conditions.

In addition we provide support and advice for families, local authorities and health boards where an individual has just received a diagnosis of an ASD and where there is difficulty in identifying the most appropriate service configuration.

Behavioural Support Assessment

Much of our work involves developing detailed assessment reports where an individual is placing considerable challenge on a service and where there is guidance needed to assist in identifying future direction. Such reports provide clear recommendations and there is opportunity for all agencies to meet with the author and discuss how those recommendations can be implemented.