We provide generic training in developing an understanding of autism spectrum disorders and challenging behaviour. We also deliver training which is more specific to groups or topic areas. These include:

  • Parent workshops
  • Carers and foster carers workshops
  • Seminars for Professionals
  • Understanding Sexuality and Autism
  • Responding to difficult or challenging behaviour
  • Developing Positive Behaviour Support Strategies
  • Understanding and working with people with Asperger’s Syndrome.
  • Using cognitive behavioural approaches

We have been innovative in developing highly specialised workshops for parents and family member- that have been evaluated by parents groups, local authorities and voluntary sector agencies. Evaluations have found these sessions to be of great value to participants, with the impact on the development of coping skills having a long term benefit.

Our training philosophy

Our practitioners work with children and adults across the autism spectrum and across the lifespan. Our training sessions are designed with this in mind and stress both the similarities and differences of people with ASD. Whenever training is requested we pay great attention to the needs of the client and ensure that training is tailored to meet those needs.
To work with people with ASD our training philosophy is based on the following key principles:

  • We believe that an understanding of sensory issues can lead to effective behaviour support strategies for children and adults with ASD.
  • All our training is evidenced based.
  • The experiences and stories of people with ASD are an important core component of our training.
  • An understanding of stress can help to provide an explanatory framework for challenging behaviours.
  • Low arousal approaches are a central core of the approach.

Training duration

Training courses vary from 1-5 days depending on need. A pre-training assessment informs the content of all training we deliver.

We evaluate all training at the end of the course and use this information to inform and develop our training sessions.